Our Services

GSN Pakistan is the leading provider of personal computer services. We have experienced technical professionals who are trained by both GSN Pakistan and by other manufacturers of computers to expertly service a wide variety of computer equipment. So, if a PC or network includes products from more than one vendor, a single service agreement with GSN Pakistan will meet all clients’ needs. We are capable of providing service for all types of computers equipment.

IT Consultancy Services

GSN Information Technology consultancy helps customer in meeting their business objectives by using technology consulting, software development and support services in various types of industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Hotel, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Financial and Services Sectors.

GSN provides professional IT consulting services and solutions that help organizations generate competitive value by leveraging the power of technology. Through creation of new solutions and support of existing implementations, we work with clients to identify and realize opportunities to increase their return on investment, improve productivity, and enhance their relationships with customers, employees and partners.

GSN offers depth of expertise in multiple industries and our services span a breadth of platforms, devices and networks. We combines consulting skills with high quality technical expertise to help clients achieve the best possible solution to their IT challenges.

GSN offers consultancy at many levels ranging from simple advice for the design of a complete system, including Hardware, software solutions, networking solutions, security solutions, to system upgrade, system migration and integration. Combined with our other services, we can create a complete package tailored to your needs and all this is from one source you know you can trust.

GSN Consulting Services blend creative, strategic planning with expert knowledge to tackle the toughest challenges for businesses. Whether it is Consulting, E-Business, M-Commerce, Wireless Solutions, Business Process Reengineering, ERP, Customized Software Development or Training, we bring you the appropriate solutions for your unique business objectives. Our comprehensive IT conusultancy has only one mission to help you particulate your business vision.

GSN we believe that quality IT solutions come about through careful planning and sound methodologies. Our methodologies are the perfect blend of creation approach to find solutions and structured thinking. This structured approach reduces time to develop and deploy solutions and bring you competitive advantage of minimizing your time to market. The Adept Soft methods pivot on communication and commitment between our development team and you.

IT Support

Working with computers and networks, sometime unfamiliar impromptu situations arise. These usually don’t turn out to be problems, most often; all you need is a little advice. This is where our SUPPORT@ +92-51-2824764 comes into play. This service is provided for users to have access to the GSN Pakistan Technical support specialists. It’s an ideal setup for those questions that can be handled quickly over the phone. Apart from this, mobile phone nos. of our engineers is also provided to the clients.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Benefits for Small Businesses
Things change all the time in IT, however this is one of the biggest changes in the business world. The people that have cloud computing in their business, would confidently say that cloud computing has been their secret weapon. Allowing a business to streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce overall running costs. Plus, it allows for the quick deployments of projects and provides enterprise-class engineering to small and medium-sized companies.

Do you need any more convincing? If so, let us make the decision easy by listing out the main benefits of joining the other small businesses that have cloud computing.

Lower Management and Hardware Costs
No more server room, it’s now solved!

Removes the large expenses of hardware equipment of facilities. No longer the worry of your computers crashing and running out of storage limits.

Access everything from anywhere
This puts a stop to you manually moving all data from one machine to another. Eliminating the need to email important files and documents.
Because everything is accessible from the cloud you can now sync instantly between computer systems. What else can you expect from cloud computing?

Security Enhanced
All your data is backed up and stored on the cloud regularly.

Increased Collaboration
There can be an underlining cost when it comes to collaboration, minutes can turn to hours and hours can sometimes turn into days. This all adds up when workers can’t share documents and hit deadlines. With the cloud, all documents can be easily shared and worked on at the same time.

CCTV Surveillance

A CCTV security system helps add another layer of security to your business or home. A properly installed camera system can help you monitor and record activity at your business premises to ensure your staff are being productive and to monitor critical areas of your business (production areas where incidents are prone to happen, storage areas with valuable assets and more).

At GSN, we have aligned ourselves with the best security vendors in the market to bring you the most versatile and secure solutions at very affordable prices. All modern cameras used are high defition, infrared and come in all shapes and sizes (from pin hidden cameras to the traditional dome cameras and even motorised cameras that can be controlled remotely).

To top it all of, the team at GSN can also set up your new security camera system to be viewed remotely from any device (smart phone, tablet, computer or tablet).


Technology will only be as effective as the skills of the people developing, operating and using it. So developing skills is vital to maximise the benefit of technology investments.

Some of our clients may wish to have their employees trained for the operations and self-maintenance of their PCs or computer networks. For this GSN Pakistan offers different levels of training programs (introductory to advanced) either at client’s own premises or at GSN Pakistan. Beside these, there are number of user oriented training courses offered by GSN Pakistan training experts.

GSN have been kick-starting IT careers and providing high quality IT training. Our flexible training options have allowed candidates to benefit from our unique blend of ‘hands on’ IT training.

Our IT training is all about practical experience, not paper theory. So our courses include a high amount of hands-on exercises in our custom IT labs, designed to test new skills in a safe environment.

We work with all major IT software and hardware suppliers – including Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Citrix, Cisco and Red Hat to deliver the most extensive curriculum of vendor approved courses and certification. These are complemented by our unique QA Authored courses that provide innovative, independent learning on all areas of IT.