Our Profile

GSN Pakistan is emerging as a leading Information Technology company. It comprises of a team of IT professionals with skills in Multi-domain areas. It has a head office in Islamabad and a regional office in Lahore. The core competency of the company is in the field of Computer Networks; Web based Applications and Computer Accessories.

GSN Pakistan believes in an efficient and prompt after sale service and is steadfast to its belief. Presently, we are providing services, which include Network Installation, Computer Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Data Communications, Services Contracts, Software Development Support and Customer training to a vast customer base.

Following domains of IT solution are the key focused areas.

Network Solutions

Specifying a problem and providing its solution in Networks is a complex technical challenge to face. Even most simple Networks may comprise of Equipment of different Manufacturers, Technologies of different Type, and Communication Media of different nature. So the responsibility of making sure that everything works together requires experience and skill. GSN Pakistan offers required experience and skill. GSN Pakistan Engineers are specialized in Designing and Configuring Networks of complex technical nature.
Following are the specialized areas:

  • Network Consultancy Services for Designing and Implementation of large Networks
  • Structured Cabling based on Optical Fiber and UTP for both voice and Data.
  • Wireless Networks Designing and Configuration.
  • Heterogeneous OS Environments including Windows, UNIX and LINUX.
  • Layer2/3/4 Switches and Core Switches configurations.
  • Routers and Firewalls Configurations.
  • Telecommunication Equipment configurations.
  • International recognized Training of Structured Cabling, Switches and Routers.

GSN Pakistan has the expertise and resources to be an Organization’s Networking source for Planning, Supplying, Installation, Training, Service and support of Computer Networks. In short, our clients can rely on us in every aspect of a successful network.

GSN Pakistan is a trusted name committed to become the leading provider for an area that is defining the office environment of the future-personal computer networks.

Web Development

Let us show you how our web services can help you create a distinctive web site that will attract customers and help increase business. We can Design and Host your site, help you Manage and Implement your online strategy, and when you are ready, Install and Maintain a Web Server at your location.

Web Design:
An attractive and fast loading web site is must in today’s Internet marketplace. Our skilled team of web developers can design a site that reflects your existing branding and marketing strategies.

  • Intuitive navigation allows your site visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Cascading Style Sheets ensure a uniform and professional look & Java Script provides the dynamic capabilities for every aspect of your website.
  • Web graphics created with screen optimized resolutions for quick load times.
  • Dynamic web content using ASP, PHP, JSP, Cold-fusion and Java technologies for front end and database like Oracle, SQL Server, etc. for the back end, allow you to make your areas interactive for quick response at both ends.

Web Application:
GSN Pakistan offers a variety of web products and services to help you maximize the potential of your web site. Our web applications can include:

  • University Site Management System
  • Content/Knowledge Management Information System.
  • Knowledge Management Information System.
  • Electronic Store (E-Commerce).
  • Document Library.
  • Intranet / Extranet.
  • Web based administration of your web site.
CD Mastering
  • Fully Animated and interactive advertisement CDs for your organization.
  • Office (Building) Interactive Map.
    we also work with our customers to develop custom applications in order to suite specific needs. Personal Computers and Workstations.

A majority of computer buyers do not have adequate knowledge about technical specifications and are generally at the stack of vendor’s maneuvers. Many key factors are involved in planning to purchase a Server, PC or Workstations to meet the specific needs of an individual or that of an organization. Starting with a detailed assessment of an individual or organization’s specific requirements, GSN Pakistan ensure that all the hardware and software is carefully selected to work together, meeting the customized demands of clients.

We carry out detailed assessment of Servers, Personal Computer and Workstations requirements and offer complete solution for any Organization’s needs within its allocated budget without compromising on the quality. Keeping in mind the financial constraints of our clients we help them plan according to their organization’s present requirements based on future expansion and what they may want to install later; thus providing them with cost effective long-term hassle free solutions.

Our team’s competency is not limited to simple Intel based Personal Computers as is the case of majority of vendors; but we can also assist our clients for deciding specifications of high end mission critical Servers, SUN workstations and Servers. On software side, we can also assist on all major platforms including Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux and SUN Solaris.

Global Brands

GSN Pakistan is the largest reseller of Consumer Electronics, IT and Telecom in Pakistan; we deal in all kind of Computers, Storage Devices, office systems, Networking (LAN,WAN,WIRELESS), Digital Cameras, Domestic Appliance an other Consumer Electronics. We also represent such renowned global agencies such as 3Com, Acer, AMP, Apple, ATI, APC, Allied Telesyn, Dell, D-Link, Epson, HP, Intel, Lucent, Lenovo, Lotus, Microsoft, NEC, Power COM, Samsung, Sony, Seagate, TP-Link, Toshiba, Watch Guard and Western Digital.