Technology will only be as effective as the skills of the people developing, operating and using it. So developing skills is vital to maximise the benefit of technology investments.


Some of our clients may wish to have their employees trained for the operations and self-maintenance of their PCs or computer networks. For this GSN Pakistan offers different levels of training programs (introductory to advanced) either at client’s own premises or at GSN Pakistan. Beside these, there are number of user oriented training courses offered by GSN Pakistan training experts.

GSN have been kick-starting IT careers and providing high quality IT training. Our flexible training options have allowed candidates to benefit from our unique blend of 'hands on' IT training.

Our IT training is all about practical experience, not paper theory. So our courses include a high amount of hands-on exercises in our custom IT labs, designed to test new skills in a safe environment.

We work with all major IT software and hardware suppliers - including Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Citrix, Cisco and Red Hat to deliver the most extensive curriculum of vendor approved courses and certification. These are complemented by our unique QA Authored courses that provide innovative, independent learning on all areas of IT.